From Words to Wealth: A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Making Money in the AI Age

In today’s world of technology and internet, freelancing is high in demand. Making money online is becoming a widely popular field. Approaching sites where biding, freelancing and new writers are being paid for is becoming a new trend.

If you have the basic knowledge of SEO and have writing skills, you can also work as a freelancer. Freelancing not only enables the young graduates to earn well sitting at their homes but it also generates lucrative employment opportunities for stay at home mothers.

Lead Generation

Once you are willing to work as a freelancer, your main concern should be to find a lead. Whether you are living in urban or rural area, find people who need writers. Local magazines, newspapers, journals and other small organizations are always in search of creative writers. Make a data base of whatever useful information you have gathered through internet or other recourses.

Extract the information from newspapers, editorials, journals or magazines that you find most relevant to the kind of writing you feel you are expert in. Now contact all these leads one by one. Once you find a lead, make sure that you parley well in terms of benefit you will get through your writing. Finding a lead always helps a new freelance writer. You can develop more contacts, know how to write for a professional and improve the ability to negotiate. 

Seo Knowledge and Training

Once you have found a lead, the next step should be how to build worth of your articles by learning search engine optimization (SEO).  If you have no prior knowledge regarding SEO, there is always time for learning new skills. You can contact a friend or any other professional who has expertise in SEO. You can also consult books available in market on this subject. Search engine optimization enhances the worth of your writing by making it a priority in all search engines. It will give you a break, and you can be contacted quite more often by various online website owners.

Socializing and Network Building

Building a network is the third most important task to be fulfilled.  Contact all your friends, relatives, and friends of friends, class fellows or any other people in your circle who need writers. You can allow others to read your writings. This will build a network of people, especially useful for your career as a freelancer. Once socialization increases many people who come to know about your work start contacting you and give you various tasks for writing on attractive packages.

Build Your Worth

When you start getting offers from various organizations, websites and through other media, do not just focus on earning more. During the early course of your career as a freelancer you should build your worth. It means that focus on the task of getting your work recognized. Once your work is acknowledged, even you being paid less you have earned a lot. Later on you can send links of your previous writings to the professionals you are working with and will be paid for that. Remember one thing; your writings are never worthless. In one way or the other they will help you out as a freelancer. Follow the example of initializing business or starting an employment .A person usually starts with zero, then gets a better chance and at the end of a successful business or employment gets the benefits he/she wants.

All in all freelancing is a modern age trend. Earning money sitting at home, just depending upon your skills is of real worth. It saves you transportation expenses, travelling fatigue and live job strains, which one usually have to face while working in an organization.

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